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Billy Huang the miracle man.

I would like to share my experience with Billy Huang with others who suffer from pain and or irritation on a daily basis and feel that the health system in Danmark fails us.

Back in the 90s I smashed my knee in a skiing accident and have suffered periodic severe pain since, I think like most, that the pain in time will dissipate and the body makes adjustments to compensate for the damage and that the use of pain killer tablets makes a daily routine tolerable. However with time the pain became more intense and finally I contacted Mølholm to see a knee specialist and find out what treatment options were available and what was required.

I was given a CT scan and the results though devastating were not a shock, I was clearly told that I needed a knee replacement operation as soon as possible as the damage was so vast that it was the only option for long term pain relief. The thought of having something manmade in my body was not a pleasant one and I delayed making a decision so that I could investigate if any other alternative options were available to me.

I contacted my own doctor Hernik Lykke (lægerne i Vejen) and asked what he thought I should do, Henrik mentioned that he had heard of Billy and his techniques and methods for long term pain relief. I contacted Billy and made an appointment, after an initial consultation Billy suggested a course of acupuncture and said in his experience he felt that this could bring immediate relief from the symptoms.

After 3 treatments I am pain free have more mobility in my knee and leg than in years and am able to participate in all manner of sports that I thought never would be an option for me again.

Billy Huang works miracles! I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering and also to those who feel that the health service available today is short sighted and outdated in its methods.